All You Need To Know About WWE Mayhem

All You Need To Know About WWE Mayhem

WWE Mayhem is an action based game that is getting popular among the countless people from all around the earth go to the Apple Store. If you also love to play this game then you may also know about its different features as well as awesome aspects. The game is not only about fighting with others but also includes lots of other elements such as developing a team, collecting resources and much more. Beginners should always understand the different aspects of the game in order to play effectively and also to get success within a short time period.  In this way, they can also play with ease and also get detailed information about the different modes and classes of superheroes present in the game. There are six classes of superheroes present and they all have their own weakness and strengths. You should know more about them in order to create an ultimate team to play against others.

Bonus and lootcases

There are many features and interesting elements present in the game that will surely grab your attention. You may also know that the game developers also offer lots of rewards and bonuses for the players to keep them engaged. With the help of these rewards, they get motivated and also put their best possible efforts to play the game. The game also offers daily log in rewards which also encourage the players to open the game every day. You can get revive kits, health kits, gold bars, cash and much more in the form of login rewards. Well, there are also some weekly rewards present that players can obtain after logging the game on weekly basis. In addition, there are also some lootcases present that players can claim after every four hours. With the help of these lootcases, you can get superstars and lots of other in-game items. You should try to collect them in order to get maximum benefits in the game.

What’s more?

You can find lots of superstars in the game and they all are classified into different classes. You can use these superstars in the story and versus mode to play against the other players. Players also have an option to unlock different superheroes in the game. There is also an option present related to training these superheroes which can help them to increase their skills and abilities.  After train the superstars, you can make them more powerful and better that will surely help you to win the fights which will give you lots of rewards and in-game resources. Additionally, there is also an option of upgrades present by which you can upgrade the superheroes which will also help you to win rewards and in-game resources. For this, you have to win upgrade points by playing the game. The daily quests are also present in the game that you can complete to earn rewards and also to experience something new and unique.

About In-game currencies

Earning currencies is an important aspect of every game and if you are not paying attention to this then you can’t make progress. Without having currencies, no one can upgrade the superheroes or buy different resources that are important in the game. You should always try to take part in numerous events and leagues to earn cash and also to complete specific tasks for earning gold bars.  These both currencies are really important and without having these currencies, no one can achieve a better ranking in the game.  They should always consider some important tips and tricks in order to sort out all the complications by trying that they are facing while playing the game.