Easy Ways to Earn In-game currency in Critical Ops


Almost all games nowadays consist of some types of major in-game currency. It plays a significant role in the game as it is used in every single activity or work. The users of the game need to earn more currency in order to move further in it. Critical Ops is an action based online first-person shooting game. It is very interesting and adventurous to play.

The game is created by Critical Force Ltd. and available for both IOS and Android users. Players can download the game from their respective stores and download its apk from different websites on the internet.

Effective and Efficient ways to earn more in-game currency

It is necessary to play the game properly and decently. For this players have to apply some easy and good methods as they help them in earning sufficient currency. Following are some important and easy ways to win more currency in the game –

  • Login with the Facebook – It is a very easy method to earn money as by connecting the game with the Facebook. Players need to log in every time they play the game. It provides them with a small amount of in-game currency, but it is good to collect. They also earn many rewards and other things by inviting their friends via the Facebook.
  • Accomplish all missions and objectives – If the gamers need to earn more money than it is necessary to complete a large number of objectives and missions. It helps them in providing a good amount of in-game currency and other useful resources. Users should also participate in each event which is added to the game every week to earn more.
  • Target more headshots – In Critical Ops players must focus on more headshots than simple shots. By performing the headshots or with Critical Ops Hack, players can get more XP and get enough currency or rewards.
  • Claim your rewards and achievements – It is another easy way to earn some resources, rewards, and prizes in the game. The players have to collect or claim their prizes and rewards daily every time they run the game.

Final Verdict

Critical Ops consider tokens and credits in the form of in-game currency. It is important for the gamers to earn more currency by following the above ways and methods. By applying the above ways, players can easily earn enough amounts of credits and tokens. It also helps them to play properly without putting great efforts into it.