Toon Blast – Top 2 Classical features

Every game lover listens to the name of Candy Crush game because in off-late it was very famous on Google play store. Toon Blast brings for you similar puzzle as Candy Crush, but it has some unique features. I am not damn sure about anything crazy in Toon Blast but, also have some difficult challenges that you face in certain levels. I will describe to you some tips that help you rank up on the leaderboard.

More importantly, with the help of Toon Blast Cheats, you can easily get unlimited currency and face the new challenges without spending your real money or virtual money. Let’s discuss some important features.

1. Always Think Before You Tap – Toon Blast is whole based on thinking ahead one step. Your only motive is that taps groups of bricks that are colorful, but if you want any specific colored that is not available.

2. Reaching level 15 – Toon Blast brings many advanced features and some options. If you want to take more benefit from the game, it’s only possible when you reach level 15. It is a very difficult task for beginners to complete the early stages, but players should focus on their respective goals. Gamers always try to complete the maximum number of levels, and each stage has different goals. If you are unable to reach the level as you want, then you should use Toon Blast Cheats for unlimited currency and easily complete every level of the game.