Township- Strategies for beginners

If you are a beginner in Township and nothing know about it. Then I will tell you the best information about the game. In it game, you can create own avatar and give a unique look. With the help of Facebook play the game with friends and trade with each other. To make the relationship strong, you can also send the gifts to your friends. Co-op feature is available from this you meet with new friends and players. With the help of high graphics, the virtual world looks like the real world. All the theme of the game and tasks are like the real world.

How to save the game-

In it from the very simple way you can save the game. If your device is connected to an internet connection, then your game saves automatically. In the new version, you can also link your game with Facebook and google account. In that situation, your data not lost and the game saves properly. The primary information is that if you reset all the settings on your device in that situation, you can only restore your progress on your devices if the game connected with the social site.

Game data transfer one device to other devices-

If you purchase the new device and want to transfer data in new mobile, then social site connection must require. Firstly download the game in new mobile after that open the game. Then you have an option to connect the game with Facebook or Google. This feature is only available in updated version so download an updated version. Select you’re that social site which is connected with your old mobile. Then select your old town in the pop-up window and download. At time touch on the confirm button and start the playing. So it is the best and easiest way by trying Township Hack .