Vital Types of Dragons in Hungry Dragon


Gone are days when we used to play on the single screen. With the advancement of technology now you can enjoy more vivid 3D games like Hungry Dragon. It is a huge dragon world where you can explore the many kinds of dragons. On Google play store and apple app store it is free to play, but some item is purchasable. For playing the game n IOS device 4.3 and up version is required. In the game currencies are also available these show you importance of it in real life. It is now run on 1.12 current versions with the latest update. More than millions of people download the game all over the world.

Whole detail about Dragons-

There are many kinds of dragons are available which dragons make it an exciting and enjoyable game. Each dragon is available with unique skills and powers. Here today we will tell you five essential type of dragon in the game.

  • xL Dragons
  • L Dragons
  • M Dragons
  • S Dragons
  • xS Dragons

Those all are kinds of dragons which are essential for playing the game or play an important role.

How to unlock dragons-

If you are looking for the best tips to unlock the dragons, then read the articles carefully. Those tips will help you to unlock high skills dragons.

  1. Level up-

That is an incredible and outstanding source to unlock more dragons. As per your level improve with them some dragons are unlocked automatically. You can boost the level via completing the missions and taking part in events. When you clear these tasks, then you will get free points, and that points are helpful for increasing level.

  1. Currencies-

You can also purchase the dragons via the help of coins so by getting Hungry Dragon Cheats. If you want to buy it, then go into the shop option, and there are many dragons are available. You can select the favorite one and pay fix amount.

  1. Eat the Creatures-

There are lots of creatures are available which are sources of points. As per you eat it with them you will get free points, and these are helpful to improve the level.