What a shocking life that people have in Palestine?

The Palestine is the rocking country which has the tremendous historical as well as cultural place. But visiting this place is not an easy task for anyone due to some of the issues that had been given from outside. The Palestine in Mecca that is famous for tourists who would just admire to know about the human civilizations.

The Palestinian people are also referred as the Palestinians which comprising the modern descendants of people who had lived over there for more than centuries. The Palestinian life would cover 90% of the populations that too mostly it is filled up with Christians and Muslims.

The lives of Palestinian are as follows

  • The Palestinians cannot able to live free in Israeli military presence they don’t have any freedom over there for them to act independently.
  • As well they cannot able to control its flow in goods and supplies because they maintain a strict rule over there and other people who live there must follow it.
  • Even they cannot able to control their access to water in their own occupied territories it would be the most typical news to hear.

You can just know that when you are staying in one place then sure you would have a feel that you would belong to that place. But when you take a note or think about Palestinian life then sure they even don’t have that right for them. It is because they cannot able to even say or feel that they belong to that particular place. As well they won’t have rights to same due process and civil rights. As like common life even they don’t have the freedom to travel to the different places. As well they are not equally protected up even under the labor laws.